How much is car insurance for 16 year olds?

How much is car insurance for 16 year olds?

How much is car insurance for 16 year olds?

BEST ANSWER: Try this site where you can compare quotes from the best companies :

Can i buy car insurance for 1 month?

or on a month to month contract? i know most places give u insurance but from 3 month or more. if so where?

How much will my insurance go up??

i have 21st century auto insurance and i have been driving since february 2008 and i am 18 years old. i bumped a state vehicle (caltrans) but there was no damage done whatsoever to the vehicle…as for my car…there was a small scratch that i will not repair. however chp said since its a state vehicle they have to report it. how much will my insurance go up??

Why does CAR INSURANCE cost more when a CAR/ motor vehicle is PAINTED RED?

Why does the color red coast more to insure ?

What car gives the cheapest insurance for a first time driver??

What car gives the cheapest insurance for a first time driver??

How much is car insurance for 16 year olds?BEST ANSWER: Try this site where you can compare quotes from the best companies :

Rental car insurance?

I just rented a car from Budget and it being my first rental, I wasn’t exactly sure of all the terms and conditions… unbeknownst to me I could have used my own full coverage insurance with me. I flew out of state and rented a car for the wedding and just assumed I would need to buy their insurance policy, no one ever told me different. I did take my policy with me, but was never asked for that information. Then I get the bill back and they charged me 32.50 a day! Has anyone ever had this happen and how lenient are they if you’ve already returned the rental? Anything I can do? I’m back at work and won’t be able to call in until this afternoon, just wanted some feedback. Thanks in advance.

Atv liability insurance?

i am just looking at atv`s, dont have a clue yet which one i want, so i cant get a insurance quote without all the details, if liability insurance is too high i wont be getting one anyone, it seems its Mandatory in Idaho, anyone have a General idea of insurance for a new, say 7,000 one would be, just a estimate. Also i hope i misread that i need to take a course to get a license for the atv, like a motorcycle ? Anybody know of states that do this ?

Whats the best auto insurance for me?

i want a insurance company that gives gives checks to me for claims and lets me fix my car not shops. geico? AAA?

How much is car insurance for 16 year olds?

How much is car insurance for 16 year olds?

BEST ANSWER: Try this site where you can compare quotes from the best companies :

Car Insurance for Teen Girl Estimate HELP PLZ?

How much would you estimate that insurance for a 16 year old brand new driver in a 2001 acura integra 2 door hatch back would cost with a good student driver discount? any idea? any one close to those guide lines that have an idea willing to share? Please help thanks

Is there any health insurance programs, other than Medi-Cal or Medicare to help the nearly indigent in Calif.?

Is there any health insurance programs, other than Medi-Cal or Medicare to help the nearly indigent in Calif.?

How do I get general insurance?

I need to have insurance before I get to the car dealership, as it is a car dealer that works with banks to allow people to finance cars that have bad credit, and low work history. This is the best option for me, but all the car insurance places I contact are asking for the make and model of a vehicle….. What do I do? I need general insurance. What insurance allows you to drive Any car you want to drive/have permission from the owner? Is there such an insurance?

Why do libs think health care is a right? What next, car insurance? How about free food for everyone?

Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of ‘Free’ Health Care Every new ‘right’ the U.S. government has promised has turned into a massively expensive failure, yet the media continue to cheer supporters of tax-funded programs. Americans are obsessed with rights. We always have been. But the concept of rights our forefathers laid out in the Declaration of Independence has changed dramatically. Those rights – life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness – were acknowledged to come from the Almighty, given equally to all people. Today’s rights come from Almighty Government. Health care is the newest “right.†From presidential candidates’ universal plans to the return of HillaryCare to Michael Moore’s movie “Sicko,†it’s all over the media. Calling it a “right†is an emotional argument advanced by those who want others to pay for their health care. They bring out the children and ask whether anyone can deny them the “basic human right†of health care – but don’t bother with the evidence showing how health care in this country would be harmed by government control. A look at other modern “rights†might give us a clue about how well a new system would work. These rights started out as privileges, among them education and a paid retirement. Now education is not only considered a right, it’s a mandate. How well has it worked? American students attend school at least until their teen years, but 15-year-olds ranked 24th out of 29 countries in aptitude for “real-life math problems,†according to The Washington Post. Literacy surveys suggest one in five American adults is functionally illiterate. And taxpayers keep shelling out money to fund the system. Americans also cherish the right to retire – but we expect to be supported in our old age. Younger workers and employers are forced to support retirees, funding another right. And how well has that worked? The poorly designed, outdated Social Security system is disintegrating rapidly as the number of retirees balloons. But once you’ve established a right, it’s difficult to take it away. The government, which promises such rights, must go to its sugar daddy – taxpayers – to keep the rights coming. We’re already well on our way toward the health care right/mandate. Want to be more like Canada? It’s not that far off. Cato’s Michael Cannon has pointed out that third parties in America pay 86 cents of every dollar of our health care – about the same as Canada’s socialized system. What we – or rather, those third parties – pay for health care is already determined by the government as well. Emory University medical professor Robert Swerlick has noted that “the pricing of medical care in this country is either directly or indirectly dictated by Medicare.†This market meddling even causes doctor shortages, he says, in needed areas of specialty. Prescription drugs are already considered a right, thanks to political moves like the Medicare drug benefit and massive media support. A Business & Media Institute study found broadcast journalists treating prescription drugs as though they grew on trees. Overall, the coverage supported the idea that medications should magically be available to everyone at far lower costs. Of course, the magic behind new “rights†is your money. Cannon and fellow Cato expert Michael Tanner explained problems with tax-funded care in their book “Healthy Competition: What’s Holding Back Health Care and How to Free It.†If health care is guaranteed to everyone, how much does everyone get? Who decides who receives what, and how would the care be administered? What happens if everyone wants the most expensive treatment available? “With the wide variety of medical tests and treatments that consumers may claim as their right, someone at some point must decide where the right to health care ends, lest the nation be bankrupted,†they wrote. We’re well on our way toward that as well. Our “rights†to Social Security and Medicare devour about 40 percent of the federal budget. State and local property tax revenue, which normally funds education, mushroomed about 35 percent between 2000 and 2005, according to the Tax Foundation. We can’t afford any more “rights†like that. But the left says tax-funded care is right for the children. Meanwhile, what becomes of them? They’re growing up in an America where the “rights†mentality is deeply ingrained, and the media continue to feed them with it. When the children come of age, perhaps they’ll want the right to a job. They won’t remember that France already tested that idea for us, and it led to high unemployment and rioting. Perhaps they’ll guarantee Disney vacations for all families and force childless Americans to pay for it. “The pursuit of†will conveniently fade away as they look to government to guarantee happiness. They will know less and less of a true right – liberty – and have no idea where it comes from.

Car Insurance question?

I am 16 and in need of car insurance. I have a A-B average, and have a clean criminial and driving record. I am driving a 1993 saturn SL (4 door sedan) what would be the best insurance agency to go with? Thanks

Appeals for insurance company?

i was wondering on average how long does it take for a car insurance company to process appeals if someone knows it would be greatly appreciated



What type of car would have the cheapest insurance? Over 25 but 2 dui’s… I know… stupid…?

I just got my release for my license back and am looking for a new used car. I’m also trying to keep the insurance price down (I’m sure like everyone). Any suggestions on a type of car or insurance company that would be good to use please let me know. thnx

How much is car insurance for 16 year olds?

How much is car insurance for 16 year olds?

BEST ANSWER: Try this site where you can compare quotes from the best companies :

How much do you pay in insurance for your Honda Civic?

I’m trying to figure out the price difference between the coupe and sedan. So, let me know the year of the car, whether it’s a coupe or not, and your age. Thanks!

Car insurance?

which insurance provider gives the cheapest insurance for 18 yr olds

What are the cheapest car insurance companies you would recommend?

What are the cheapest car insurance companies you would recommend?

Best car for me (47 year old male)?

Best car for me (47 year old male)?

Where can I find cheap Van insurance for a 19year old?

I have recently started up a new business, and I am about to employ a 19year old with a previous driving conviction. I need him to drive a van so I am wondering what the best way to get him insured is- Through my policy? or is their a business insurance policy for driving I can look into? Any advice is much appreciated

How do I get Health Insurance?

I just turned 21, and I no longer under my parents health insurance. I do my own taxes, and my residency on my taxes is in California. However, I go to a private college out of state. I don’t have any chronic disease but I would like to get some tests done and I need a vision plan as well. My parents don’t help me pay for anything, and I can’t afford to pay $100 a month for privaet insurance. I’m not pregnant, blind, disabled, or anything. Can I get government plan insurance (cheap) if I’m a student? Where should I apply?

Where can i get affordable health insurance?

health insurance in south carolina

What health insurance is best and affordable for my wife?

We had a baby 3 months ago, but I am looking for health insurance that is good and affordable for my wife. Any suggestions?

BEST ANSWER: Try this site where you can compare quotes from the best companies :

Criminal record for driving without car insurance???

I would like to know whether an individual who plead guilty for driving without a car insurance (UK) get his name put on criminal record list. It seems to me unlikely because people normally get points of their licenses and a fine.

Cheapest type of insurance for 17 year old?

iv heard of black box insurance but this doesn’t appeal to me most? so what companies or types of insurance are cheapest??

Has anyone used for auto insurance?

i’m looking for cheap insurance and don’t know if i can trust them. any suggestion from anyone?

WHere casn i get cheap insurance in toronto canada?

Hi guys i need help, where can iu get real cheap insurance for my car thanks

How much is car insurance for 16 year olds?

BEST ANSWER: Try this site where you can compare quotes from the best companies :

What exactly is an insurance quote? ?

if i wanted to buy a car and get some insurance how would i go about doing it?

How much is car insurance for 16 year olds?

How much is car insurance for 16 year olds?

Only have Learners – Car and insurance?

I need to drive asap. I have my learners currently but cant sit my test until Sept. Would love some help with the process of where to start, can I buy a car and/or insurance before I get sit my test? If so how does the registration work? Maybe worth noting that I need to drive asap for work, I am 23 and going on parents etc is not an option? also im in canada Thanks!

Which insurance is cheaper for 19 years old person?

Which insurance is cheaper for 19 years old person? is it state farm(the one i have now) or geico. or please tell me what is the cheapest insurance company?

BEST ANSWER: Try this site where you can compare quotes from the best companies :

Why is car insurance so expensive in the UK!?

So i’m not driving yet, only applied for a provisional, i’m age 21, But I thought why not try and figure out how much my insurance will be once i’ve passed and buy a car at roughly £1000, so I filled in all the details as accurate as possible on the compare websites and the cheapest yearly insurance price was £2500! How the hell am I suppose to afford this, am I doing something wrong haha :L

Good used sports car that won’t jack up my insurance?

I am 17 and getting my license in november and I want to buy sports car (ex:mustang) that won’t jack up my insurance, and won’t break down all the time, my budget is about 12,000. Any recommendations?

How To Get The Best Homeowners Insurance?

How To Get The Best Homeowners Insurance?

Massachusetts Health insurance?

I am in fifties and currently living in California. Due to the California high cost of medical insurance, My wife and I are thinking of moving to Massachusetts state, get a small home there and retire there eventually. The reason that we are thinking about is that we overheard Massachusetts have a much lower health insurance cost ($50/month ?). Please advise us if you are currently living in Massachusetts state or other states that have less expensive health care insurance and housing cost. You advise is greatly appreciated. Jo

High Insurance Rate for RX-8 05′?

I’m 20 years old and have been driving for 4 years now. As of recently, I own a RX-8 05′ (1st Car), No prior accidents, never gotten a ticket. Nothing negative what-so-ever with vehicles or finances. I’m paying $1600 and change every six months including discounts such as Military, anti-lock brakes, etc. Insurance company is Gieco. I took in to account that I am in fact a young male with a race car but with no intentions to drive reckless. Its a car that I plan to have for a few years and enjoy driving it before I get something more economically sufficient. My question is… Is this a reasonable payment? Do perks and lower rates come the longer your with a company and continue safe driving?

Insurance question about DUI (2 different insurance companies). Underwriters, chime in!?

I received a 1st time DUI roughly 1 year ago. I am covered by one insurance company, and my wife is covered by another company on her car. I know my insurance will not be renewed or rates will increase at some point, but what about hers??? I am NOT listed as an insured driver on her policy, but I am noted as a licensed driver in the household for her car… Will her insurance be effected?? It seems like they are not sure what will happen with her insurance and that it would be left up to the underwriters… Any input would be helpful… Thankyou.

Do i need business car insurance???????

i have private car insurance but was wondering if i need business insurance because i drive clients to and from places,really need to know if im covered or not asap! thx vic

HOW does indemnity insurance affect Home insurance?

How does having indemnity insurance on a home for buiding work carried out with out building regs affect the cost of Home building insurance?

How much do you think car insurance would be, ballpark range?

I’m getting my first car in a few weeks, and we’re going to *** it to my parents’ insurance. They have a car and a van, and I wonder what the difference would be to add my volkswagon new beetle-to-be to their plan. My goal is to budget $400 to the car each month for payments and insurance. Do i have the right idea? (payment $150-200 hopefully) That’ll leave me $400 give or take spending and saving. Thanks much.

BEST ANSWER: Try this site where you can compare quotes from the best companies :

I’m 27 and I want to get life insurance, what kind is best?

I don’t really understand what 10;15;20 year term life insurance means, or whole life insurance and what company is best but I think I want to get it while I’m young and …show more

How much is car insurance for 16 year olds?

How much is car insurance for 16 year olds?

Can’t decide if i want to go to college for Insurance sales?

I wanted to go to college to be and insurance salesperson but im not sure. If i go to a community college and get an associates degree in business-insurance sales what does it quallify me to sell, like what type of insurance? How much do they make? Will it be easy to find a job? What are the typical hours? Will i have a secure job? Do you work off comission? Any additional info plz

What is a good and cheap insurance for a Acura Rsx 2002?

I just recently got my license and want to know of good and cheap insurance for my car.

How much would insurance be for a seventeen year old female driving 1999 Chevrolet?

I am sixteen i turn seventeen soon. My grandma will not keep me on her insurance About how much will insurance be for me as a 17 year old female driving a 1999 Chevrolet

What state or states do not require car Auto insurance in order to own a car and use it ?

I would like to know what states in USA do not require car Auto insurance for the owner or user of the car he or she is driving? If there is such a state please prove me where you get the source! And How does the driver pay off all the victim’s billing cost after injuring this victim and victim has a bunch of bills coming in from Hospital service? If now you agree with me that all drives should be required to pay and have auto insurance, This is the same reason is why all people need to have healthcare insurance who can afford it! Not only it will keep the insurance cost lower for average “personâ€, everyone is now guaranteed to qualify without being denied due to history, disability, or medical cost person needs, but if everyone has health insurance nation wide medical expense will be less rising; like people who did not have insurance get into accident/injury Whether falling off a cliff, get hit by a car and driver drives off, or gets injured due to snake bite. NONE of them are intentional or expected but they happen and many other! If everyone is insured the insurance pays for the medical expenses whether its $500 or $500K But if not everybody has healthcare insurance average “person†won’t be able to afford the $full medical bill will be hunted by collection agency but still not likely to pay any more then $5000 for medical expenses! There for the rest of the medical cost falls on WHOM??? THE TAX TAPYERS OR OTHER medical service Customers!!! By raising the prices of medical expenses! THAT is why California’s Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance Raised about 57% cost in 2010 or 2011!! What do you expect if Thousand or millions of Illegal most Latino immigrant get Medical service in Hospitals like even Child birth, or emergency room, but they don’t have medical insurance, can’t afford it, YOU SEE that raised their insurance cost BY 57%!!! DO YOU WANT THIS TO HAPPEN NATION WIDE?? IF NO If you want Medical cost to remain affordable, THEN A) Support National Healthcare that everybody should have it who can afford it B) In order to receive Fed/State TAX, Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid from the Illegal Immigration should be attempted to be caught and exported to their main country, or should be attempted to be caught and if given full citizen ship to them only if these immigrants must server some number of years of Army, military, or Air force service “voluntarilyâ€. OR be required to pay a minimum amount of $ that individual invested into the Social Security system, or minimum number of years legally work in U.S.A, if they want to receive the Social Security benefits if future. HOWEVER How many years serving , How much individual or couple invested minimum, and /or how many minimum number of years in order to qualify for Social Security service is up to the government to calculate and decide. THIS WAY Citizens Will all be able to fully pay their medical expenses, and The illegal immigration will not be as big of an issue!

Will I be arrested if my parents do not include me on their car insurance policy?

I am about to receive a license, and am nervous about driving my parent’s car without being included on their policy (I am 16). We simply cannot afford to pay for another driver. Hypothetically, if I am stopped for speeding or something of that nature, would they check proof of insurance, and, if so, would I be arrested for my lack thereof?

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How much is car insurance for 16 year olds?